Saturday, December 5, 2009

its been too long

I have not posted for a long time. We have had a lot of fun the past few months. We had a great Halloween with my family. We took little maddon out trick or treating. he would go to the door and demand "chocate". He is so much fun. Adam and i went to Denver to see a football game against my steelerz. i was of coarse in my Pittsburgh colors and he was bronco'd out. people were stopping to take our picture. it was fun (well for me, sorry adam). Kaden had an undefeated football season and went on to win the Championship game. they had and 11-0 season. we are proud of his team and coaches. they had a great year. We had our annual thanksgiving with my grandma, mom and brothers family and Adam's brothers family. It was nice. Adam does a great job on the food. My sister and i hit the stores for black friday for the second year in a row. and for the second year in a row, we bought for ourselves and had a great time. Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Coatsy's said...

so i just wanted to tell you thank you for keeping up with me, all the sweet messages... i truely do feel blessed to have you in my life, it really means alot. for some reason you always seem to cheer me up with i see a message or pass you by on the street.. cause lord knows i am struggling and i need it.... love you