Thursday, February 19, 2009


okay i have been tagged for the first time by my friend tammy. so here goes
Here is how it works.
First - post the rules on your blog,
Second - answer the six questions about yourself
Third - let each person you tag know by leaving a comment on their blog.
So here goes.....
1. My eight favorite shows
American Idol
Top Chef
Criminal Minds
11th hour
Desperate Housewives
Clean House
Amazing Race
2. Eight things I did yesterday
Stood over the Glen Canyon Dam
Ate Breakfast in Page, AZ
Finally finished book 4 of the twilight series
Started on a mountain of laundry
ate lunch in Beaver, Utah
Watched American Idol with my girls (Go danny)
Sat in my car for 6.5 hours
unpacked (its hard to find 8 things when i was in the car all day)
3. Eight things I am looking forward to
Going to Florida
Summer (ditto Tammy-I hate the cold)
Redoing my bathrooms
Running again
Finishing the Host
Seeing my mom feel better
finally loosing my baby weight
buying new clothes
4. My eight favorite restaurants
Olive Garden
Asain Star
Red Lobster
Cafe Rio
Cafe Trio (near the old mill)
FireHouse Subs (coming soon to Utah-tried it in vegas-oh man)
5. Eight thinks on my wish list
trip to Hawaii
New bedroom set
Go to Italy
Lose weight
To be debt free
for my mom to be happy
nice back yard (deck-things like that)
6. Eight people I tag
And who ever else wants to play along

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Rob and Tammy said...

Thanks for playing along! I am excited to try out FireHouse Sub. I understand that you may have a little connection to someone that works there - is that true?!?!?!