Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Well it has been awhile, so the blog is in need of an update. Halloween was a mothers dream. Our kids started a new school this year and they are not allowed to wear costumes to school. I thought this might be traumatic, but it wasn't. I did not have to get up at the butt crack of dawn to get my kids dudded up. i did not have to race over to the school to sit for 2 hours -1 1/2 hours waiting for the parade to start and 1/2 to watch the actual parade. It was early day at school, so there was plenty of time for a healthy dinner (much to my kids dismay) and cleaning their rooms. They went trick or treating for awhile. When they came home they watched a movie. We did not have to hurry to bed for school the next day. So, I would like to propose a change. I propose we change Halloween to the last Friday in October. All in favor?

A lot has been happening in the last few weeks. We are throwing a bridal shower for Kathy on nov 22. We are almost done with the planning of the wedding. just a few details left. We passed the anniv. of my grandpa's passing. it has been 4 years. i think him everyday. My mom has been having an emotional time lately. I wish life could be easier for her. She deserves some peace and happiness. Carl has been up and down. Up-he has more moments of clarity. down-he is trying to deal with his past and present and making peace and sense of it all. He has been praying for the Lord to release him. He has been very emotional and agitated. A nurse visits him every monday, wednesday and friday. he still has aides that come 2x's a day. This is a lot harder on him than I expected. He always said he was ready to go home to Vicki. So i did not consider that he might not welcome this with open arms. He forgets easily and thinks she is still here and he should be fighting to stay here with her. Adam has to break the news to him sometimes. Sometimes we just say "when she gets here you can go with her" That seems to bring him the most comfort.
well this is long enough i will post more this week end and update pics.

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Chad and Kristin said...

It's about time you updated this thing!!;) Hang in there with Carl. It is hard to watch, but enjoy the time he is here. Let me know if there is anything I can do the help you with your wedding/shower prep!