Monday, September 15, 2008

Dad's coming home!

Dad making peace...

Happy Day! Dad will be home today! The doctors have been working very closely with us in preparing Dad to be back in our care. We have arranged for in home care that will start immediately. Dad is perplexing for the doctors in that there are long periods of time, sometimes days, when Dad seems to improve and have a very good grasp of his senses and surroundings. Based on that I am hopeful Dad will be around for a long time. I would, however, encourage any of you who wish to make arrangements in your schedules to visit Dad in our home at your convenience. Please contact Sonya when planning your visiting plans. She is the calendar girl of the house. Love, Adam P.S. This picture was taken the day Dad came home. I had just informed him of his sickness and that we didn't know how long he would be able to understand things. He was sullen for a few hours and then he started praying. This picture was taken without his knowledge.


Here are a few updates on Dad.

I could go into a lot of detail on each point but I don’t quite have the time. If you would like more details you are free to e-mail me on specifics. Dad is talking better than he has in a couple of weeks. But he isn’t making as much sense lately. He keeps saying “we ate it all” and “is that compatible” or “are they compatible” and “so long as they don’t duplicate it” and more. I asked Dad if he enjoyed visiting with his children and Dad said “why, did they duplicate it?” He did mention David and Christy specifically yesterday but I couldn’t quite understand in what context. I’ll try to keep that information when it comes and share it when I can. I have been reading the Bible to him every night after work. His favorite Bible books are the Gospel of John, Romans & Isaiah. We have started with John and we are in Chapter 5 as of today. We will then go to Romans and then on to Isaiah.
Dad has found a new reservoir of strength. He keeps trying to get out of bed hoping to locate his car keys. Sonya says he keeps saying “I want to find my car keys” so “I can drive to Don’s” and “talk Bible.”
I was watching TNT last night with Dad in his room. We were watching Midway. During the movie, Dad found an old pair of reading glasses and for about an hour tried to take the nose guard off the glasses. He kept commenting on the show saying how “hard things were back then” (WWII) when Japanese citizens were forced into camps. I asked if he remembered that. He said “yes…I was about 7 at the time.” When he finally managed to pull the nose guard off the glasses, he put the glasses to his mouth and tried drinking the glasses. He kept pulling the glasses away from his mouth and looking at them with a perplexed expression on his face. He would make a few adjustments and then he would attempt to drink the glasses again. He finally put the glasses down to his side and said “that wasn’t very good.” I believe he thought he was holding a can of diet coke.

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sircarlthebold said...

I should not laugh but I can't help myself... the "drink his glasses" thing absolutely floored me.